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Nom ICOTixl
Date de débutjuillet 17, 2019
Date de finaoût 28, 2019
Plate-formeSeparate blockchai
A pris fin
depuis 8 Mois
Managing Director
Managing Director
Technology Consultant

To celebrate the #AutobahnNetwork Testnet we came up with a small competition for you 🥳
Every Tx signature has an emoji hash for quick identification (🇩🇪🏎🤩). The first person who creates a $BTC SEND Tx with according emoji hash and tweet the Tx signature will receive $MTXLT 🤑

@wetnapkincaptin @alezan111bye @satoshi_babe For BTC adopt ability(used as cash), it’s best to securitize it in a stable coin mechanism or fast free second layer which does not use PoW. I am invested in one called @tixlcurrency. Will btc take over any global currency (daily use), Not in any major currency countries.

On Wednesday evening a manned rocket will be launched from @SpaceX and @NASA for the first time. A few hours before, we will publish our first "manned" Testnet connected to the #Bitcoin Testnet called #AutobahnNetwork 🚀

We just deployed a change to our Social Reward Program. The follower boost will now work differently to increase the fairness amongst our Ambassadors ☮ The changes have been added to the activity overview 👇

@rogerkver If you are tired of BTC slow transaction speed,
Take a look at @tixlcurrency.

Their #AutobahnNetwork Testnet will launch on May 27th at 3pm CEST
Super-Fast, Private, Low Fees
BTC 2nd Layer solution!

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Prix50.0000 USDVente45,000Mode de paiementBTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, EUR
investissement minimum100 USDDistribution5%Récolté$2,750,000
Soft CapN/A Hard CapN/A