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Nom ICOThorchain
Date de débutoctobre 01, 2018
Date de finseptembre 30, 2020
Prend fin
dans 4 Mois

These are liquidity primitives.

These equations will power a new era of liquidity. Incentivised, fair, democratised.


I love $RUNE and @thorchain_org and would highly recommend picking up a moonbag to hold for foreseeable future. I haven’t seen anything like it.

They will revolutionize DeFi. @KaiAnsaari

The team are busy publishing ASGARDEX @npmjs packages for wallets, exchanges and app developers to easily integrate with THORChain.

When `asgardex-monero`? $RUNE

There's still risk to the THORChain project.

- technical risk (will the software work)
- liquidity risk (will $RUNE stay on markets)
- market adoption risk (will users use ASGARDEX)
- treasury risk (will the team run out of money)

But those risks are reducing every day.

"If this works, it's gonna change the game in a big way"

Rob (@crypto_bobby) and Colton (@stack__sats ) discuss THORChain and its potential on their latest update:

Catch them here:

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Prix0.0185 USDVente500,000,000Mode de paiementN/A
investissement minimumN/ADistributionN/ARécoltéN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard Cap176,800 ETH