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Nom ICOThorchain
Date de débutoctobre 01, 2018
Date de finseptembre 30, 2020
A pris fin
depuis 5 heures

Bro I've drank the $rune koolaid

I want in

I just have no clue how to even interact with this
It's not an ERC20 token? Bro what is life

I write this like a degen but seriously like how do I interact even with the runevault?

Guess binance keeps my $rune for now

For 12 months, RUNEVault was an excellent tool to drive ownership of RUNE to people long-term engaged in the ecosystem.

It is now the job of the community to move from RUNEVault to being a node or a LP. Simply holding RUNE is not participating in the ecosystem.

Monthly Treasury Report - September 
The treasury comprises of $3.8m USD liquid and $12m in RUNE, with a 34 month Runway. Planned Obsolescence July 2022.

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Prix0.0185 USDVente500,000,000Mode de paiementN/A
investissement minimumN/ADistributionN/ARécoltéN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard Cap176,800 ETH