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Nom ICOTecraCoin
Date de débutjanvier 17, 2019
Date de finjanvier 16, 2020
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depuis 5 Jours

The First Highway Trials Show That Nanotube-Reinforced Asphalt Concrete Prevents Cracks and Ruts #nano

New Year's resolution. According to ICOBench Weekly Report #2, 2020, TECRA is in:
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Another article about Tecra!
Thanks to Lisra_99 for the article, and we encourage you to read it. Maybe you'll find out something you didn't know or didn't pay attention to before?

Body-Worn Electric Generator to Power Medical Implants, Wearable Devices |

Our COO prof. @krzysztof_piech will be one of the speakers and he will present the following topic: "The role of the community in blockchain start ups on the fintech market".

Only 2 days left to "Blockchain&Finance" conference.
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Prix1.2500 USDVente21,000,000Mode de paiementBTC, ETH, Fiat
investissement minimum1.25 USDDistribution10%RécoltéN/A
Soft Cap5,000,000 USD Hard Cap20,000,000 USD