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Nom ICOSwapZilla
Date de débutjuillet 15, 2019
Date de finjanvier 01, 2020
PaysHong Kong
Prend fin
dans 1 Mois
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Chief Commercial Officer
Chief Technology Officer

Mirror #trading is a strategy that allows investors to copy trades of experienced and successful investors. If mirror trading brings positive returns, the funds earned by the investor will be distributed between him (up to 70%), author of the trading #strategy, and #SwapZilla

🔹Follow #crypto leaders and crypto news
🔹Analyse the coin you’re planning to invest in
🔹Use trading #bots
🔹Install a price ticker
Use #SwapZilla to find the best prices for #trading. There will be lots of pairs on our platform, so you can always #trade with any coin

#Safety precautions you should follow:
🔹Understand how #cryptocurrencies work
🔹Use a safe computer and #network
🔹Do not use public WIFIs
🔹Bookmark all the sites you use
🔹Use strong and unique #passwords
🔹Enable #2FA
🔹Distribute your funds across #exchanges and #wallets

The main expense of any #crypto #exchange is customer support: conducting #KYC procedures, constant monitoring of customer reputation, and implementation of technical support. #SwapZilla will completely eliminate these costs from our partners.

#SwapZilla’s clients will get an instant access to the vast majority of #crypto exchanges, which means that they will be able to trade almost all coins and tokens available on the market.

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Prix1.0000 USDVente27,150,000Mode de paiement BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC
investissement minimum1 USDDistribution90,5%RécoltéN/A
Soft Cap2,000,000 USD Hard Cap27,500,000 USD