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Co-Founder Chief Scientist in the East
Co-Founder Chief Scientist in the West
Co-Founder CEO

We are bringing the STARK 101 workshop to SF on Feb 17! If you missed it during TLV Blockchain Week, now is your chance to learn how to build a STARK prover from scratch. Early access prices until Jan 31. Space is limited, register now:

Happy New Year!

Geth v1.9.10 (Rojo Loco) just out! Among the fixes and polishes, it also bumps the propagated tx limit to 64KB (thanks @StarkWareLtd) (more after EIP-2464 is approved), and ships (but not yet activates) DNS discovery. 🤯 #golang #Ethereum

* @fuellabs_ optimistic rollup testnet
* @StarkWareLtd 18000 tx per sec Plasma
* @loopringorg 1000+ tps zk rollup
* @AaveAave Flashloans live on mainnet
* @dmihal customizable Burner Wallet
* @Luxfactorycom Initial Sardine Offering
* @AndrewSteinwold NFT newsletter


Week in Ethereum News for January 12, 2020

Post Hardfork analysis (by our very own @GuthL) of block size vs. uncle rate on Ethereum. It confirms our EIP-2028 analysis and suggests the network can tolerate even further reductions in transmission gas cost.

@3blue1brown @bbest12g I'd say out of all the flavors of ZKP, STARKs are the easiest to understand, especially for a simple computation like "tell me the millionth fibonacci number".

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