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Nom ICOStarkware
Date de débutTBA
Date de finTBA
ICO Temps
Co-Founder Chief Scientist in the East
Co-Founder Chief Scientist in the West
Co-Founder CEO

@Amxx If you just want to move tokens around, @loopringorg , and perhaps the @StarkWareLtd stuff soon. If you want to do more complex things, @OffchainLabs and @optimismPBC are doing good work but they're optimistic rollups, not ZK.

CEO @will_harborne recently caught up with @TomHeavey_
for 1-1 interview.

Get a sneak-peek at the new, professional-grade DeversiFi exchange (built with @StarkWareLtd) and discover how it gives serious traders an edge in popular #DeFi markets:

JK Rowling must be trading $ETH instead of buying Bitcoin - DeversiFi just hit a new ATH for 24hr Volume

But seriously guys, you aren't supposed to be trading on @DeversiFi until the zk-Rollups upgrade! @StarkWareLtd

Next webinar on the Cambrian explosion of crypto proofs. Free registration, as usual. May 27 9AM PST.

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