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Nom ICOPoseidon Foundation
Date de débutnovembre 03, 2018
Date de findécembre 09, 2018
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depuis 15 heure

We agree with @Schwarzenegger! That is why we created the 'reduce' platform that empowers everyone to be part of #ClimateAction! Only together can we solve #ClimateChange and prevent a future of severe environmental challenges. We have a real solution that works! Let us use it!!!

UN Climate Change@UNFCCC

"What is important is that we include everybody. (...) It is not a political issue. It's a people's issue", said @Schwarzenegger, about #Climatechange at #COP24.
It's a people's issue, so please, #TakeYourSeat

#12DaysOfPoseidon: In November, we announced Footprint-AI and Offset-AI for our 'reduce' platform!
These will help you visualize the impact you have the climate, and choose emissions reduction projects that support causes you care about! More:


#DYK 9 in 10 Millennials would switch #brands to one associated with a good cause? Look through our white paper and learn how easy it can be to start taking more responsibility for your climate impact, and attract #climate conscious consumers:

Our 'reduce' platform can transform your everyday life--the one you're living right now!--into a greenhouse gas reducing machine. 'reduce' lets you effortlessly fight climate change by supporting emissions reduction projects with every purchase. Read more:

#12DaysOfPoseidon: Remember when we partnered with #Liverpool to create the world's first 'climate positive' city? We do! @lpoolcouncil, thank you for the progress we've made this year to show global #leadership against #climatechange. #GlobalGoals

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Prix1 OCN = 0.15 EURVente18,000,000,000Mode de paiementBTC, ETH, XLM
investissement minimumN/ADistribution50%RécoltéN/A
Soft CapN/AHard Cap2,700,000,000 EUR