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Nom ICOPledgecamp
Date de débutfévrier 18, 2019
Date de finmars 19, 2019
PaysCayman Islands
A pris fin
depuis 2 Mois

Thailand has issued regulations on debt #crowdfunding focusing on alternative financing in the near future.

Would you consider @Pledgecamp for participating in modern alternative #fintech crowdfunding model?

As public funding declines, the art forms are waking up to the long-term potential of small giving/

The steady decrease in #arts funding fosters a new creative environment!

Which #Opera & #Ballet performances/ performers would you like to crowdfund through @Pledgecamp ?

Another typical post "@GearEye_ 2 Years After #Crowdfunding Still Not Delivered" which creates a stigma for our industry.

Its creators raised $558,069 US on @kickstarter and $657,523 on @Indiegogo

At @Pledgecamp we are committed to reintroduce transparency in Crowdfunding!

@jdorman81 But do you think ieo is good way to raise funds? There are alternatives like @Pledgecamp platform which aims to remodel the crowdfunding sector in decentralized way and it will be much better than IEO and ICO model

Crowdfunding Has A Trust Problem

The 1st generation of crowdfunding platforms left an irresponsible collateral - which "led many creators from never shipping their product as reported by @verge

As @Pledgecamp we introduce you Crowdfunding 2.0

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Prix0.0100 USDVente300,000,000Mode de paiementN/A
investissement minimumN/ADistribution20%RécoltéN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard CapN/A