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Founder & CTO

This project will give current cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, Google) a run for their money. Just wrapped up an interview with the CEO @GregOsuri - can’t wait to share it w you soon! #AkashNetwork #crypto

"The Akash Network will lead to far greater cloud convenience" - @futurism

Spreadsheet has been updated!
🔥Top: @neonexchange, @drep_foundation, @exploreQuadrant, @hadron_cloud, @vitelabs, @carryprotocol, @OrigoNetwork, @PerlinNetwork, @DeepCloud_AI
🔎New: @iov_official, @AkashCloudNet, @ALZA_Lab
See the entire spreadsheet here:

"Decentralized Infrastructure is a Moral Imperative" - @NickAlesandro

Trilled to announce that @Entrepreneur listed Akash Network as one of the 15 token sales to watch! Wohoo! Check it out here:

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