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Date de débutmai 23, 2019
Date de finjuin 30, 2020
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Bitcoin dropped from over 11.500 USD last week to an astonishing 9.550 USD at its low yesterday. Ether, Ripple and Litecoin followed suit and dropped over 10% each in a couple of days. Utility-tokens are providing a service that always has a certain value, no matter the price!

With the nuco.cluod customers can save money on new server-centers.
This in turn means that less new hardware has to be built, less resources have to be mined and computers don’t have to be thrown away as quickly, potentially contaminating the environment with toxic heavy metals

Imagine you had access to infinite computing power to complete 1 project - What would you calculate and why?

With the you are not only mining hashes like with crypto-currencies, where your computing power is used only for creating more coins.

With the, while you earn NUCOs, your computing power is actually changing the world!

After we met with some interesting people in Malta, we got the invitation to join the 9th Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit in Monaco. At first we couldn’t believe that we had the fortune to get invited to this event. 😍

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