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Scientists at @RCSI_Irl have discovered 11 new genes associated with epilepsy, facilitating the development of new drugs and #PrecisionMedicine approaches to treatment. More genomic data for research will power more discoveries like these. #SpitWithPurpose

EXPERT INSIGHT: “We’re focused on people who not only want to get their genome sequenced, but who want to own their data, and get a cut of the value it generates.”
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The NHS moved data from the 100,000 Genomes Project onto servers at a military base to protect it after hackers tried to steal the data. Your genomic data is valuable and our platform aims to help you protect it while still powering medical breakthroughs.

Some people experience a stronger placebo effect than others, partially explained by known genetic variants. This raises some interesting questions about a potential #PrecisionMedicine approach to prescribing placebos to patients.

From implantable chips to temperature-controlled briefs, these gift ideas will inspire bio-savvy friends and family. @raymondmccauley shares his picks:

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