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Date de débutjuin 21, 2018
Date de finmars 30, 2019
Prend fin
dans 1 Semaine
Founder, Investor, Technical Innovation
Founder, Advisor, Investor, FINTECH
Founder, Advisor, Investor, Network Marketing

Mobile banking of the future - coming soon!
Get MCV-CAP token till End of March for 4 BCB4U coins afterwards!

Blockchain is the new digital solution for modern banking!
Get you MCV-CAP token to be later exchanged to 4 BCB4U coins!

MCV-CAP s still actively promoting its token in Korea - Another (of many this week) crypto investor meeting with over 100 attendees…/urn:li:activity:6502087513283260…

The MCV-CAP ICO is getting in its final phase!
#ico #blockchain #crypto #banking #tycoon

Digital Banking with Blockchain - cost free and extra Cashback - BCB4u Bank coming soon!
#banking #blockchain #cashback #cryptocurrencies #crypto #bitcoin #wallet

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Prix1 MCV = 0.39 USDVente500,000,000Mode de paiementETH, BTC, Fiat
investissement minimum100 MCVDistribution35%RécoltéN/A
Soft Cap3,000,000 USD Hard Cap106,600,000 USD