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Date de débutjanvier 15, 2019
Date de finavril 30, 2019
PaysNew Zealand
A pris fin
depuis 1 Mois

Calling for Encore!!!
"Get Rich in TEPY TOWER Real Estate in Cambodia"
There is request for the seminar
"Get Rich in TEPY TOWER Real Estate in Cambodia "by IPUX Wellness Real Estate advisor
Dr. Boonchana Boonlert
on Sunday16June 2019
IPUX TransformingTomorrow,Today

IPUX Wellness Real Estate
Preah Vihear New City
is the " New Hope New Horizon in Cambodia "
With IPUX, International Investors are welcomed to join with us to help Preah Vihear New City arise in Global very soon.

IPUX organizing "Wellness Real Estate investment in Cambodia in Thailand"
IPUX Wisdom Academy hosting Free public seminar "Get Rich in TEPY TOWER RealEstate in Cambodia " by IPUX Wellness real-estate advisor ,
Dr. Boonchana Boonlert yesterday.
The event was sold out!! #IPUX

IPUX : Can be Used in Cambodia Property Now !!
IPUX marking first history ,to be first crypto currency in the world to be used to buy Property both land and condominium in Cambodia.

IPUX can be used in Thailand
Ceo Narinrit confirms IPUX is accepted in Thailand starting from June 13, 2019.Merit Well is the first Wellness Clinic and Media spa to accept up to100% IPUX and also with other Promotions.

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Prix0.0000 USDVente64,000,000Mode de paiementETH, BTC
investissement minimumN/ADistribution40%RécoltéN/A
Soft Cap70,000 ETH Hard Cap400,000 ETH