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Nom ICOHeptapolis Humanitarian Energy Coin
Date de débutjuin 20, 2018
Date de finseptembre 30, 2019
A pris fin
depuis 1 Semaine
Founder & Executive Director at Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions Ltd
Co-Founder & Head of Operations and Marketing at Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions Ltd
Head of Design & Social Media at Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions Ltd

Hire people who can figure things out, not people who know everything.

Hire people who can work alone and with others.

Hire people for where they are going, not where they are.

That means hiring for the ability and desire to grow and learn and improve.

This is compounding.

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Prix1 HHEC = 0.10 EURVente650,000,000Mode de paiementBTC, ETH , Fiat
investissement minimum1,000 HHECDistribution65%RécoltéN/A
Soft Cap10,000,000 EUR Hard Cap100,000,000 EUR