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Nom ICOGeon
Date de débutjanvier 31, 2019
Date de finmars 31, 2019
dans 1 Semaine
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Product Officer
Chief Operating Officer

Geon Network definitely left its mark on the Binance Blockchain Week in Singapore. And that’s another great thing about Geons - they make any place look nicer! 🤩
Soon we'll be moving on to the next location in our quest to Geonize the Planet! 🚀🌏


Are you going to attend the @EventBinance in Singapore? Geon's Maciej Rynarzewski is on his way there now! 🛫
It's a great chance to ask him some Geon-related questions in person and there could even be some special Geons to geomine 🤩

Gillette released a new ad and all hell broke loose. Some say that it blames all men for the actions of some. Others say that it finally tackles long overdue issues.

And we say… anyone can create Geons and geomine them!

Going shopping. Eating at restaurants. Going out with friends. We all do it.

And Geon Network wants you to GET PAID for eating at that particular restaurant or shop at that exact location.

We want to make it all even better.

What could be important enough to distract you from (consciously) being in a group photo with friends in times long before everyone owned a camera and when it took ages to actually take and develop photos? 🤔

Geomining! 💥

#get #your #priorities #sorted

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Prix0.1000 USDVente850,000,000Mode de paiementETH, BTC, Fiat
investissement minimum0.1 ETHDistribution47%RécoltéN/A
Soft CapN/AHard Cap35198557 USD