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Nom ICOBitWings
Date de débutseptembre 02, 2019
Date de finnovembre 30, 2019
A pris fin
depuis 1 Semaine
China Office Director
VAS Sales Director
Airdrop Manager

❗❗👉Wings Mobile arrived in Mexico❗❗⠀

👉 First and foremost presentation event to publicize in this new market of Mexico - the innovative technological products and services of Wings Mobile 💪⠀

👉Warming up engines to take off❗

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❗✨ Are you following our Medium blog that's filled with all the interesting facts and info about the world of Wings Mobile and Bitwings? ✨❗

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❗👉 Wondering why Wings W6 is an exclusive phone that is setting up revolution in the world of technology? ❗

👉 Here's a brief list of all the features that the Wings W6 proudly exhibits 💪

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🔥✨❗ Mexico get ready because things are about to get heated up by Wings Mobile at the pre-launch promotions and presentations 💪✨

👉 Don't forget to watch this space for more ❗❗

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🔥✨🔥 Check out this video clip highlighting the amazingly superb performances we had by these popular stars in the Tsunami Tour-Latam Event of Wings Mobile in Bogota, Colombia on 10th November 2019 🔥✨💪

👉 Wings Mobile is UNSTOPPABLE ❗❗

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Prix0.0200 USDVente189,000,000Mode de paiementETH, BTC, Fiat
investissement minimumN/ADistribution63%RécoltéN/A
Soft Cap30,000,000 USD Hard Cap189,000,000 USD