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Nom ICOAmazonians Green Coin (PreICO)
Date de débutdécembre 01, 2019
Date de finjanvier 31, 2020
Prend fin
dans 5 Jours
Swiss Administrator, Acting CTO
Economic Projects Management

How to save the Brazilian rainforest? ⚠
We are presenting our strategies for helping to save the Amazon Rainforest on Geneva Macro Labs 🌳🌴

Meet Leonardo Barrionuevo, Amazonian Alliance CEO 💪
He will be present at the event on 22/01/2020 ⚠
Please save your seat:
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Amazonians Green Coin will participate on @LabsMacro 2020 💪
Leonardo Barrionuevo is one of the guest speakers 🎙
It will be memorable 🎉

Our second pillar,Social: All #socialprojects related to health, #education, income-generation, infrastructure are certified by both Amazonian Alliance and EBCF
- Promoting #sustainabledevelopment of the local-traditional communities.
- Supporting the livelihood of 3.000 families

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Prix0.0077 USDVente62,480,000,000Mode de paiementETH
investissement minimumN/ADistributionN/ARécoltéN/A
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