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Nom ICOAmazonians Green Coin (PreICO)
Date de débutdécembre 01, 2019
Date de finjanvier 31, 2020
A pris fin
depuis 5 Mois
Swiss Administrator, Acting CTO
Economic Projects Management

How beautiful 🐆 isn't it? It will soon disappear at this rate.
We are making efforts to prevent the rich fauna of the Amazon from being destroyed, and 🐆 like this one to continue to thrive.
We protect the 🐍🐅🦍

Rare animals inhabit the #Amazonrainforest 🦜🐆
it is necessary to protect and preserve these rarities 💪.
We are on the ground implementing measures to protect these species 🆘
We need you!

All of us at #AmazoniansGreenCoin is focused on conserving the #Amazonrainforest 🌳 and supporting the sustainable development of #communities in the region, through #ecotourism and reducing #carbondioxide emissions.

Amazonians Green Coin Airdrop token´s distribution round 1
⚠ Important information ⚠
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REDD + aims to:
• Reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation
• Increase in #forestcarbon reserves
• Sustainable forest management
• #Forestconservation ♻


#amacoin #amazoniansgreencoin #amazonrainforest #reddprogramm #ONU

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