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We've launched a new dev tool for testing TX and smart contracts on the $AERGO chain. You can use the interface to create all kinds of TX and send them using Aergo Connect. There's a LOT to come with this as just the beginning.

Check it out, stay tuned!

🧑‍🚒 Hot New Website Coming In!

If you haven't seen already, we've just updated our website.
Check it out at

⛽ Token swap service fee amendment [25 $AERGO] from 1st Sept 2020

We set the gas price to up to 200 Gwei per transaction to address the rising congestion. Note this can vary up to 200 Gwei.

This should ease up transactions when swapping of #AERGO Native or BEP2 to ERC20.

⛽ Gas Fee Amendment - Vote on Agora

Do note that the #Aergo team is going to raise the gas fee and sort out all the outstanding swap requests by end of today.

During the weekend, we'll have an emergency voting on #Agora regarding the raised gas fee.

#AergoAgora /1

🚨 Dear #Aergo Community

There are delays in the swap service at the moment (especially from native to #ERC20) due to high ETH gas fees.

The Aergo Team is raising the fee but the ETH gas fee continues to rise as well.

This will further be discussed in #Agora. 1/2

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PrixN/AVente150,000,000Mode de paiementN/A
investissement minimumN/ADistribution30%RécoltéN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard CapN/A